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Welcome to Confluence Training

Cassie Hemphill has more than 25 years of experience in designing and leading public participation and engagement processes and projects. Her work has included environmental and natural resource management, healthcare delivery, education, and community-based human services. She has been creating and delivering remote and in-person training experiences for professionals and community members for more than 15 years. 

Cassie has been involved with IAP2 since 2003. She helped create IAP2 USA’s Professional Certification program, assisted with updates and development of IAP2’s course materials, and has served on the USA and Intermountain Chapter boards. She currently serves as an IAP2 Licensing Programme Mentor, preparing candidates from around the world to become IAP2 Licensed Trainers. 

Cassie’s Ph.D. research explored public/private collaboration in environmental management. Her M.A. research analyzed decision-makers' openness to public input. She has a Graduate Certificate in Conflict Resolution and is an IAP2 USA Certified Public Participation Practitioner (CP3), a Certified Mediator (CM), and a Certified Virtual Facilitator (CVF). 

Cassie Hemphill
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