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Applying Methods

IAP2's Applying Methods

A Global Learning Pathway (GLP) Core Course of the IAP2 Certificate in Public Participation

Learn how to identify the best methods to meet P2 and engagement objectives. Select and design methods, develop questions, and add to your methods toolbox.

Course Objectives

  • Identify a range of methods that can be used for various engagement purposes and processes, and strategies to select the most appropriate method/s for an engagement project/process

  • Research, design and test a F2F and/or online method using a range of tools and resources

  • Apply the four steps of designing a method incorporating the eight key components of method design

  • Develop rational and experiential aims; design an appropriate format; design questions and process

  • Develop appropriate communications

  • Combine methods to achieve engagement goals and objectives and test for appropriate sequencing

  • Incorporate inclusion and diversity principle

  • Identify data management needs, evaluation points and measures

  •  Identify resources required

  • Explore a variety of both F2F and online methods/ techniques that are more structured and have nested methods within them (e.g., Deliberative Processes, Appreciative Inquiry and Open Space Technology)

  • Analyze the specific requirements for online and digital methods, identify and select appropriate platforms and tools to meet needs and strategize to develop these methods for delivery

  • Identify principles for monitoring online activity

  • Test the design by running elements of the method and submitting to peer review using a checklist

  • Apply methods to achieve engagement goals and objectives, including using effective communication skills, and test for appropriate sequencing

  • Design key messages and communication tools that build trust and integrity, and meet the needs of diverse audiences

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